AMI是世界知名的BIOS和UEFI韌體業界之領導廠商,全球每天都在使用的伺服器, 嵌入式產品, 平板電腦, 個人電腦和搭配ARM的產品等等,絕大多數使用AMI的產品或技術。因 Aptio產品和技術的優越性,世界各大OEM/ODM廠商一致認同並選擇AMI的Aptio。

Aptio V
Aptio 4
Chromebook Firmware
Embedded Controller Firmware
Firmware Update Tool
Firmware Update Tool
Firmware Update Tool



UEFI / BIOS Utilities
AMI Provisioning
AMIDiag for UEFI
AMIDebug for UEFI
AMIDebug Rx
Pre-Boot Applications
Visual eBIOS

MegaRAC Remote Management Firmware / Software Solutions

Looking for easy to use, robust and reliable IT management solutions? Consider the MegaRAC Remote Management family of solutions for total in/out-of-band management for platforms and devices across the enterprise:

Servers -- Modular and Blade Systems -- Client and Cloud-based Systems -- Embedded Systems and Industrial PCs -- IPMI Devices -- Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) Devices -- AMD® DASH-enabled Systems
IE Platform Management
SPX Service Processor
Blade Management
FPX Fabric Management
Pod Management
MegaRAC Intel Rack Scale Design Solutions

Android™ 解決方案

AMI運用自身於x86硬體和Android™ 系統的深厚專業知識,創造為英特爾硬體平台使用之獨特的Android產品和解決方案。 AMI 也為OEM廠商和開發商,於Android™ 系統所需的開發項目提供包括驅動程式,應用程序開發以及客製化服務等等之廣泛的工程和支援協助。

Android BSP for Intel Atom CRB
AMI Adept for Android. Native Android for x86

Enclosure Management ASICs

Enclosure Management Controller (EMC) ASICs from AMI provide LED and sensor control for SAS/SATA drives and SSDs. They provide exceptional flexibility and require minimal board real estate, making them a perfect fit for numerous applications. A wide choice of reference designs and development tools are available, along with development boards to speed integration in specific OEM designs.

MG9098 Controller
MG9094 Controller
MG9087 Controller
MG9085 Controller
MG9082 Controller
MG9081 Controller

Engineering Services

AMI provides a wide variety of Engineering Services to its valued customers around the globe, including custom Design Services for hardware, software and firmware solutions, Mobile Application Development and Support Services for clients in the mobile technology space through AMI's Mobile Application Group (MAG), as well as Platform Validation and Testing Services at multiple AMI international locations for guaranteed, fault-proof testing of clients' hardware, software and firmware products for pre-launch quality and reliability.

Mobile Application Group
Design Services
Platform Validation & Testing Services
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