Aptio V UEFI BIOS Firmware


新一代的 UEFI BIOS 固件


MegaRAC BMC Firmware

BMC 固件


擴展性非常好的遠程管理工具,符合眾多工業標準,包括:IPMI, Redfish™ 和Intel® Rack Scale Design

AMI EC Firmware

EC 固件


支持EC芯片上的眾多eSPI和 RTOS。

Press Releases

AMI Announces Latest Enhancements to AMI Remote BIOS™ Management Solution

July 18, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA - American Megatrends International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS and BMC firmware, remote management tools and utilities, is pleased to announce the latest round of enhancements and new features for Remote BIOS.

 Remote BIOS is a comprehensive management solution for systems without an onboard BMC which uses the in-band network to perform key administrative tasks during pre-boot, including firmware configuration and cloning, firmware update, remote diagnostics, detailed system inventory and reports. Building on this core group of capabilities, the latest set of enhancements to AMI Remote BIOS add server user interface (UI) improvements, along with Remote Console and OS deployment capabilities.

Enhancements to the server UI come directly from feedback provided by AMI Remote BIOS users, combining the same innovative features already available in AMI Remote BIOS with an improved user interface for increased performance and usability. The new Remote Console feature allows users to view post codes and provides remote access to BIOS Setup without the need for an onboard BMC. This translates to even greater remote control over a UEFI client system when in Setup or UEFI Shell. Finally, the new OS deployment capability gives users the ability to remotely perform unattended installation of Linux® or Windows® based operating systems.

“We developed our AMI Remote BIOS solution to provide many of the pre-boot and remote management capabilities typically available to systems with an onboard BMC via our MegaRAC® and Aptio® V firmware products. Because AMI Remote BIOS is targeted at any BMC-less system requiring remote management, this product is eminently suitable for an incredibly wide number of different compute systems across a very diverse range of vertical markets. Our latest enhancements now make AMI Remote BIOS an even more powerful and attractive solution for many types of applications,” said Sanjoy Maity, CEO of American Megatrends.

For more information on AMI Remote BIOS, please contact your AMI representative at 1-800-U-BUY- AMI / +1-770- 246-8600 or visit

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

AMI Announces Support for Storage of BIOS Passwords in TPM NVRAM with New Aptio V UEFI Firmware eModule

June 3, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA: - American Megatrends International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, BMC and server management firmware solutions, backplane control chips and much more, is pleased to announce support for BIOS passwords to be stored in the TPM NVRAM via new Aptio® V UEFI Firmware eModule.

System security is typically considered in terms of layers of security. Most end-users have a password or PIN to gain access into their operating system. This is considered the most basic form of system protection. However, this type of protection does not stop a malicious user from booting the system using another operating system loaded onto an external storage device such as a USB drive.

BIOS passwords offer a stronger layer of system protection; having a BIOS password along with a proper Boot Order setting offers superior protection as it can raise the barrier against a malicious user from booting the system from external storage devices. This does not, however, stop a bad actor from physically opening the system and resetting the BIOS to its default settings. If the BIOS password is disabled by default, then the system can be infiltrated.

As more individuals begin to experiment with defeating BIOS passwords, the traditional method of storing the BIOS password weakens. BIOS passwords are not stored in plain text; they are hashed and stored in system NVRAM. This method is easy for system manufacturers to implement and offers a good level of security because passwords are not saved in the clear. Yet anyone can read system NVRAM - and an attacker can easily employ a Dictionary Attack, which is simply attempting to guess the password until a match is found.

AMI raises the bar higher with a drastically different approach not traditionally seen when it comes to BIOS password integrity. AMI has invested two years in developing and testing the storage of the BIOS password in the NVRAM of the TPM. The TPM has an inherent characteristic that counters attempts to gain access to its NVRAM, so that a malicious user cannot search NVRAM for the BIOS password hash. Continuous reading of TPM NVRAM with the wrong password will trigger a dictionary attack defense mechanism that will intentionally and steadily slow down an attack.

As an added benefit of storing BIOS passwords in the TPM NVRAM, BIOS passwords are preserved even after a BIOS firmware flash and hardware reset is performed. A USB recovery key can be created during password creation that can be used to recover system if password is lost or forgotten.

AMI will begin offering this method of storing BIOS passwords immediately with the introduction of a new BIOS eModule called TpmPassword. Please contact your AMI sales representative for more information on the prerequisites and how to license it for Intel®, AMD and Arm®-based platforms.

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AMI Introduces MegaRAC FPX2.0 NMVeoF Fabric Management Firmware

May 28, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA / TAIPEI, TAIWAN: Today at COMPUTEX Taiwan, American Megatrends International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, BMC and server management firmware solutions, backplane control chips and much more, introduced its new MegaRAC® FPX2.0™ NVMe over Ethernet Fabric Management Firmware.

MegaRAC FPX2.0 Fabric Management Firmware is a powerful NVMe over Ethernet Fabric (NVMe-oF) firmware / software stack combining Ethernet Fabric management capabilities and NVMe drive management together for creation and management of true Server SAN solutions, delivering highly manageable NVMe storage to remotely connected clients.

MegaRAC FPX2.0 supports all storage server architectures, including current Intel® x86 and AMD platforms, as well as emerging Arm® based storage servers. MegaRAC FPX2.0 also enables Server SAN architectures on storage appliance boxes, when paired with Mellanox BlueField™ or Broadcom Stingray™ smart NICs and storage adapters.

MegaRAC FPX2.0 firmware resides on the preexisting onboard BMC and maintains complete MegaRAC® SP-X™ based server manageability, along with MegaRAC FPX2.0 firmware extensions that enable completely secure, out-of-band (OOB) NVMe storage manageability. Additionally, all management features are available right out-of-the-box, with no additional customization or client software installation required.

In addition to the high degree of out-of-band NVMe storage management that delivers storage pool discovery, namespace creation, and attaching/detaching NVMe storage volumes to remote compute nodes, a key aspect of MegaRAC FPX2.0 is its inclusion of NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) support, to enable drive inventory and telemetry SATA support on the BMC OOB interface.

MegaRAC FPX2.0 is based on the proven, highly stable and industry-leading MegaRAC Core Technology. Like MegaRAC SP-X, MegaRAC FPX2.0 firmware provides a high level of modularity, with the ability to easily configure the complete firmware / software stack by selecting and removing features that are available in package form. It is also compliant with the Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD) specification for hyperscale infrastructure and can provide storage/namespace creation with attach/detach storage to the remote computer node.

CEO of American Megatrends, Sanjoy Maity, commented that "Our new MegaRAC FPX2.0 NVMe-oF Fabric Management Firmware encapsulates our many years of expertise and leadership in BMC, server and remote management firmware, and underscores our commitment to expanding our product lineup to support hyperscale data center and cloud infrastructure environments. It represents a true Server SAN solution thanks to its support for all commodity/white box storage platforms, making it an excellent solution for these environments, as well as for hyperconverged infrastructure. We are very excited to introduce this product here at COMPUTEX and look forward to see the industry's response to it."

For more information on MegaRAC FPX2.0 Fabric Management Firmware, please visit the AMI website at or contact us at 1-800-828-9264.

BlueField™ is a trademark of Mellanox Technologies. Stingray™ is a trademark of Broadcom Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Aptio V UEFI Firmware from AMI Supports Pyrite Security Subsystem Class (SSC) v2.00

May 15, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA - American Megatrends, International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS, BMC and remote management tools and utilities, is pleased to announce its support for the Pyrite Security Subsystem Class (SSC) version 2.00 in its flagship Aptio® V UEFI Firmware.

In late 2018, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) released the Pyrite SSC v2.00 specification, which was extended to allow support for storage devices with certain Data Removal features, making it compatible with other Opal family SSCs and achieves feature parity with the ATA Security Feature Set. This Data Removal feature supports user data removal without requiring encryption.

The Pyrite SSC v2.00 specification brings a variety of new features and enhanced capabilities, including the mandatory PSID Feature Set, which includes a selectable data removal mechanism, updated rules on the side effects of the Revert and RevertSP methods and the addition of a KeepData parameter to the RevertSP method.

For more information on TCG’s Pyrite SSC version 2.00, please visit

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AMI Sponsors Successful Spring 2019 UEFI Plugfest in Bellevue, Washington

May 8, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA - American Megatrends, International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS, BMC and remote management tools and utilities, is pleased to report its successful attendance and co-sponsorship of the recent Spring 2019 UEFI Plugfest, held in Bellevue, Washington last month.

The semiannual UEFI Seminar and Plugfest events bring together leading experts and introduces the latest UEFI firmware advancements. They also represent an invaluable opportunity to meet with industry colleagues, test the latest platforms, devices and firmware, as well as learn about the newest UEFI enhancements.

During the latest Plugfest, AMI presented a track focused on the use of capsules for Firmware Configuration Update. While capsules have been used by UEFI for updating device firmware for several years, UEFI version 2.8 introduced a new feature where the firmware exposes Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) configuration information to the operating system. The operating system, or additional tools, can then in turn provide a capsule back to the firmware to update HII configuration settings. The presentation from AMI encompassed an overview of this new feature in UEFI v2.8 and explored real world use cases of the technology.

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About the UEFI Forum:
The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum is a non-profit industry standards body responsible for developing, managing and promoting UEFI specifications. To learn more about the UEFI Forum and future UEFI Plugfest events, please visit

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