Who Wants FREE Pizza?!

Who Wants FREE Pizza?!

Turns out there is a such thing as free lunch. The @StorTrends team has been conducting occasional Virtual Lunch-n-Learn events centered around data storage topics, and most importantly, they will send you a FREE PIZZA for you and your comrades to enjoy as you learn.

Pizza will be delivered to your office as long as you are in a pizza delivery zone. However, if you are not within delivery distance, we will let you know ahead of time so that other arrangements can be made. StorTrends will take care of the ordering, delivery, tip, and payment of the pizza. Unfortunately for our friends abroad, pizza accounts only extend to U.S. borders, but please feel free to register for the webinar portion. Be sure to check StorTrends.com/lunch-n-learn/ to find out about the next event.

For those who missed our last event, you can watch the recorded video presentation on YouTube.

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