Step It Up AMI!

Step It Up AMI!

The Walk AMI program was created by AMI's Wellness Committee, a committee comprised of individuals who are responsible for implementing healther lifestyle options around the workplace. One of the key objectives the committee pushes is to get employees to be active around the workplace and outside of work as well. In order to get employees to start stepping it up, the Wellness Committee initiated a little friendly competition and got a walking party started. And thus, the AMI walking teams were formed!

Every year, AMI's Wellness Committee holds the Walk AMI program. The program runs for 14 weeks and participants are split into four different teams. Each team comes up with a witty name to represent their teams (this year, we have The Sole Mates, Wanderlust - Straight Off the Couch, The Pace Makers and The Walking Red) and participants are challenged to get at least 70,000 steps a week (based on the recommendation of getting around 10,000 steps a day according to health experts). At the end of the program, the team that has the most numbers of steps is deemed the winner of the walking contest.

This year's theme is "AMI Races Across the US". As the name states, the goal is to "walk across the US" by accumulating the number of miles it would take to walk from one side of the US to the other, using Atlanta, GA as the starting point. Maps with the teams' progress are hung in the break rooms so team members can visualize how far their team has walked and which states they have passed on their journey across the US. The primary goal is to make sure employees are contributing benefits to their health and using walking as a means of reducing stress, lowering cholesterol, strengthening the heart and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The competition remains strong, with most teams clocking in more than 1,000,000 steps per week thanks to the efforts of their team members! You can definitely say the employees are stepping up their game to becoming lean, mean, active walking machines!