Sad Desk Lunch: Coffee Mug Ramen

Sad Desk Lunch: Coffee Mug Ramen

AMI employees are always busy, working around the clock and sometimes beyond typical working hours. A perfect example of this is the Head of Marketing, Terry. Terry is constantly bustling to coordinate the marketing activities with various department heads domestically and abroad. Always in a pinch for time, Terry's day to day lunches can be sad - very sad indeed.

When we visited Terry's desk one fine day, we caught Terry getting ready to eat ramen - a staple in Terry's office lunch pantry (he keeps ramen packages stocked in his desk). But the sad part? Terry was about ready to eat his ramen noodles in his "Terry Troll" cup even though the break room stocks bowls for employees eating lunch. When we asked why his lunch was sad, he told us he only had a few minutes to eat before heading off to another back-to-back meeting with the president and the other department heads. Poor Terry, we hope you catch a break and enjoy a less sad lunch very soon!

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