From the AMI Archives: Samsung Partner of the Year 2016 Award

From the AMI Archives: Samsung Partner of the Year 2016 Award

In December of 2016, AMI received a great honor by being named as a "Samsung Partner of the Year", in recognition of the outstanding partnership between AMI and Samsung on a wide range of business and technology engagements. A link to the original press release from March 2017 to announce this news is here to fill in some of the details on this prestigious award:

In today’s Tech Blog post, we are delighted to share a few images of the actual physical award itself, now that it has finally arrived in our offices and is on display together with many other awards that AMI has received over the years.

The Samsung Partner Award arrived in a handsome blue velour case, shown in the first image below:

Opening the box gives us a first peek at the award itself, made from glass and sitting in a cushion of red satin:

Taking it out of the case gives us a better view of the inscription from Samsung, which is etched on the back of the glass body of the award:

It reads:

Partner of the Year 2016
S. Shankar
President & CEO
AMI, Inc.
In appreciation to AMI for outstanding contributions of efforts, time, technology to Samsung PC and great partnership between Samsung Electronics and AMI since 2012.
December 14, 2016
YG Choi
Samsung PC Business Team
Samsung Electronics

We are greatly honored to receive this award – the first we have ever received from Samsung – and display it proudly in our AMI Archives "trophy case" in the lobby of our headquarters office here in Norcross, Georgia.

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