Encryption Key Download

AMI Encryption Key

Encryption Key for Secure Data Transmission

AMI recommends that you encrypt sensitive information to protect it from being viewed by unintended recipients. AMI can exchange email with you using encryption, for you to encrypt and decrypt email with us using an email client that supports encryption.

It is good security practice that you only trust validated encryption keys and not trust keys that are not validated. It is important to also validate your copy of the AMI public encryption key to ensure it is legitimate.

AMI BIOS Security Team Key Information

  • Key ID: 8282BC0E
  • Key Type: RSA
  • Key Size: 2,048-bit
  • Expires: 2017-12-31
  • Key Fingerprint: 62A76925F5CAFE4BE906395A07A177588282BC0E
  • User ID: AMI Security Response Team 2016 (BIOS Security 2016) (biossecurity@ami.com)