MegaRAC® VUE™ Thin / Zero Client Firmware

As thin and zero client solution deployments in the enterprise continue to increase, more and more organizations are realizing the benefit of replacing traditional desktop workstations with virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI). Notably, this trend appears to be moving hand in hand with the rapid growth of private cloud deployments within the enterprise - and points at a larger shift in the computing landscape.

In keeping with these changes, American Megatrends (AMI) has drawn on over a quarter century of experience in firmware development and remote management to create the MegaRAC® VUE™ thin client firmware solution, a new and innovative product for use with thin and zero client systems within virtualized, private cloud environments.

MegaRAC VUE is a VDI firmware solution designed for OEM and ODM customers, focused on empowering them to bring unique and powerful thin and zero client platforms to market. The MegaRAC VUE firmware solution features all the firmware components necessary for a robust, scalable and fault-tolerant VDI deployment.

MegaRAC® VUE is Perfect for VDI System Development

MegaRAC VUE enables OEM and ODM customers to build thin and zero client systems using dedicated, specialized integrated circuits (ASICs). AMI leverages its strong relationships with key thin client ASIC manufacturer partners to bring the entire thin/zero client firmware solution directly to its OEM/ODM customers. MegaRAC VUE is available for both ARM and x86 platforms to give true flexibility to system designers. It features a high degree of customization and is built on over thirty years of firmware development expertise by the global market leader in UEFI BIOS and BMC firmware, American Megatrends.

VDI Clients with MegaRAC® VUE Firmware are:


Tight integration with the hardware platform takes advantage of available hardware acceleration for robust connections to remote desktops, along with support for seamless HD graphics and multiple displays for peak performance and utility.


With VDI, user data is passed over encrypted channels and centrally stored in a secure environment on highly redundant systems in the data center, instead of distributed piecemeal on local clients as in traditional desktop environments.


Thin and zero clients using MegaRAC VUE Firmware often typically consume as little as 5-7 Watts of power, providing a substantial benefit by reducing power consumption up to 75% compared to a traditional desktop PC.


Administrators can upgrade, install and refresh hundreds of nodes all from one central, remote location, which neatly eliminates the need for IT administrators to deal with upkeep of clients and desktops on an individual basis.