Secure Client

SnapVDI Secure Client

American Megatrends Inc (AMI) introduces our SnapVDI Secure Client. These units are powerful, green, secure, and easy to manage.

Our Secure Clients deliver a seamless desktop virtualization experience with our SnapVDI Platform. You will experience fast boot up times of seconds from our SPARK enabled technology, simple and intuitive configuration through our SnapVDI Manager, security through USB locking and user profiles, and the absolute lowest usage of power - 2 Watts at rest and 10 Watts under load.

SnapVDI Secure Client Features

  • Performance 1GHz processor, 4GB eMMC flash, and 512MB of DRAM
  • Simple Control and lock USB ports, rollout mass software updates with just a few clicks
  • Green Uses only 5W under a standard load, generates continuous energy savings immediately
  • Scalable Deploy and manage small scale test environments to corporate-wide installations

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Accelerated VDI. Intelligently Managed.

SnapVDI™ features all the components necessary to remotely configure, deploy and manage a complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / zero client solution with high-fidelity user experience and patent-pending SPARK™ Intelligent VDI Accelerator technology.

SnapVDI can be deployed and operational in just a few hours to drastically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - as well as security risks and the complexity of infrastructure management - typically encountered with individual PCs.