AMIは業界随一のBIOSとUEFIファームウェアのマーケットリーダーであり、さまざまなコンピューティング分野:サーバー組み込み機器タブレット, クライアント、そしてARM製品に採用されています。世界中のOEM/ODMがThe Aptio Advantageが理由ででAMIを選択しています。

Aptio V
Aptio 4
Chromebook Firmware
Embedded Controller Firmware
Firmware Update Tool
Firmware Update Tool
Firmware Update Tool

BIOS/UEFI Tools & Utilities

AMIは、デバッグおよび診断ツール、プリブートユーティリティ、および開発システムの包括的なラインアップを提供し、開発経験の向上と市場投入までの時間短縮を支援します。 これらの多くは、 Aptio のソースコードに直接組み込まれていますが、他のものはAMIの顧客に直接販売されています。

UEFI / BIOS Utilities
AMI Provisioning
AMIDiag for UEFI
AMIDebug for UEFI
AMIDebug Rx
Pre-Boot Applications
Visual eBIOS

MegaRAC リモート管理ファームウェア / ソフトウェアソリューション


サーバ -- モジュラー・ブレードサーバ -- クライアントとクラウドベースシステム -- 組み込み機器及び産業向けPC -- IPMIデバイス -- Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) デバイス -- AMD® DASH 機能システム
IE Platform Management
SPX Service Processor
Blade Management
FPX Fabric Management
Pod Management
MegaRAC Intel Rack Scale Design Solutions

Android™ Solutions

AMI applies its deep expertise with x86 hardware and the Android™ OS to create unique Android products and solutions for Intel® hardware platforms. AMI also offers extensive engineering and support services for OEMs and developers requiring assistance with Android development projects, including driver and app development as well as customization services.

Android BSP for Intel Atom CRB
AMI Adept for Android. Native Android for x86

Enclosure Management ASICs

Enclosure Management Controller (EMC) ASICs from AMI provide LED and sensor control for SAS/SATA drives and SSDs. They provide exceptional flexibility and require minimal board real estate, making them a perfect fit for numerous applications. A wide choice of reference designs and development tools are available, along with development boards to speed integration in specific OEM designs.

MG9098 Controller
MG9094 Controller
MG9087 Controller
MG9085 Controller
MG9082 Controller
MG9081 Controller

Engineering Services

AMI provides a wide variety of Engineering Services to its valued customers around the globe, including custom Design Services for hardware, software and firmware solutions, Mobile Application Development and Support Services for clients in the mobile technology space through AMI's Mobile Application Group (MAG), as well as Platform Validation and Testing Services at multiple AMI international locations for guaranteed, fault-proof testing of clients' hardware, software and firmware products for pre-launch quality and reliability.

Mobile Application Group
Design Services
Platform Validation & Testing Services