What is AMI EMA?

What is AMI EMA?

What is AMI EMA?

AMI EMA is an acronym for AMI Extensible Management Architecture. AMI EMA is a pre-boot management utility for Aptio UEFI firmware, which integrates firmware configuration, firmware update, hardware diagnostics and pre-OS applications in a feature rich graphical UEFI environment. This allows users a more streamlined and user-friendly experience when configuring their system's Aptio UEFI settings.

AMI EMA consists of various UEFI components:

  • Firmware Update
  • Firmware Configuration
  • Diagnostics
  • System Settings

The AMI EMA Interface serves as a "launcher" for these components.

AMI EMA uses AMI's Extensible Setup Architecture (ESA) libraries to build powerful graphical applications in UEFI. The Graphics Driver & Menu Rendering Engine support mouse & touch interfaces, multiple output resolutions, UNICODE multi-language support and proportional font rendering. AMI ESA also enables graphical themes, allowing multiple applications to use a common look and feel based on a small number of graphical elements. This feature enables rapid development of OEM themes.

For more information on AMI EMA, please download the AMI Extensible Management Architecture Data Sheet.

For more information on AMI ESA, please see BIOS/UEFI Setup: Text-based or Graphical? blog post.