Top three keys used to enter UEFI BIOS Setup

Top three keys used to enter UEFI BIOS Setup

There are many keys (and key combinations) used to enter UEFI BIOS setup.

Just a word of caution before we continue. Do NOT change and save UEFI BIOS settings unless you know what you are doing.

Here are the top three keys used to gain access to the UEFI BIOS setup.

  1. <Del>
  2. <ESC>
  3. <F2> (or <Fn> + <F2> )

To find out how to enter your system's BIOS setup, restart your computer. As your system boots up, you may be prompted with a message that states, "Press <KEY> or <ANOTHER KEY> to enter setup," or "Press <KEY>, <ANOTHER KEY> and <YET ANOTHER KEY> to enter setup."

If you do not see this message, the BIOS boot screen may be hidden. If it is, consult your manual... or what I do is hit the <Tab> key during power on to switch the boot screen from Quiet Boot. When Quiet Boot is enabled, the text-based BIOS boot screen is hidden and replaced with the logo, typically the system or motherboard manufacturer logo.

Here is a list of keys and key combinations (including the top three):

  • <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Esc> keys (some motherboards and option ROMs)
  • <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Esc> keys (some motherboards and option ROMs)
  • <Del> (UEFI default)
  • <Esc> (UEFI default)
  • <F1>
  • <F2>
  • <F3> (some Toshiba notebooks)
  • <F10>
  • <F12>

ODMs and OEMs that ship with Aptio V (AMI UEFI BIOS firmware) on their platforms, can program the key (or combination of keys) that provide access to UEFI BIOS setup. If you are an ODM or OEM that licenses Aptio V firmware, contact us to learn how to perform this customization.

my 11/23/2017

Hi Terry, I am trying find out how to get to the UEFI Graphical Interface. bios. I do get into the old blue text screen bios by pressing F2. From this traditional blue screen text BIOS I did get there once , but not sure or remember how. The hardware is a 11 inch Medion notebook. The old blue screen TEXT BIOS is 'APTIO SETUP UTILITY AMERICAN MEGATREND. Core version 5.011 . Compliancy UEFI 2.4 PI 1.3. I need to know how to recover Windows 10 from an external USB stick from the UEFI graphical interface. Your blog shows only the old text screen bios. I am pasting web links of examples of the old and new bios. New gui bios old text screen bios Ta, My

my 11/25/2017

Hi ( Terry), Please ignore my previous question. The solution was found on the internet. Hold down the shift key and restart win 10, that brings up the GUI 'bios'. You may able to assist with the following. With other computers, Linux / Ubuntu install gives the option to install next to Windows. Upon start up it gives the option whether to boot Windows or Linux. With the Medion notebook, , Ubuntu wants to erase the entire ( built in flash) disk. So I guided Ubuntu install onto the SD card. Though the first partition says 'efi' ( MBR) in windows, I cannot get the system to boot from the SD card. The text bios does not seem to recognise the SD card. From windows, the SD card is empty. The Ubuntu install went for an hour or so, yet the SD card seems empty. So do you know a way to install Ubuntu next to windows on this note book ? Ta, My

Terry 11/27/2017

My, Hello again. I do not know how to do what you are asking. The Medion notebook is not built by American Megatrends. We only provide the BIOS/UEFI firmware for it. I am not sure who the actual OEM or ODM is for that laptop. You can try check to see if Microstar (MSI) is the actual producer. I hope this information is helpful. Terry

Evgeniy 12/08/2017

Hello, i have a notebook Samsung NP355V5C-S0GRU. System not load. Bios has a password. I don't know this password. Problem message: system disabled [ 542DB5228DF122F536 ]. Please help me.

Terry 12/08/2017

American Megatrends does not store or have backdoor passwords for our AptioV UEFI firmware. You will need to visit the OEM's website directly. In the case of Samsung, please visit the following Samsung Support site to recover your password.

Bruce 01/09/2018

I'm working on an American Megatrends mobo with an i7 & 16gb ram. Does your desktop motherboards support a quick boot option? I own an older American Megatrends mobo an I can press either the f8 or f10, I can't remember which, during bootup and I'm presented with a one time boot option. IE, DVD, USB, Network, ect... Is this option still available? Thanks, Bruce

Terry 01/09/2018

Bruce, Thank you for your comment. American Megatrends no longer manufactures motherboards. We create the BIOS and UEFI firmware for motherboards and server boards. The manufacturers of these boards turn on/off these features as they see fit. It is my understanding that the boot option is still available. For example, some boards use the key upon boot up. However, if the boot option key is not available on the board you purchase (or want to purchase), you can always set the boot priority in BIOS or UEFI setup. I hope this answer points you in the right direction.

Camilo Montaño 02/20/2018

My bios is a OEM (Asus) Version, I wanna enable "Chipset" tab with your Utility (AMIBCP) for Aptio V, but, that Tab isn't enabled from anymore way, changing Access into "Extended User" and "Supervisor", and, doesn't work too. Some solve for this?

Terry 02/20/2018

Hello and thank you for your comment.
ASUS controls their own BIOS image and all options. You will need to contact them for any changes and modifications you wish to make.
AMIBCP is an AMI utility that is not made publicly available. It requires an AMI license. If you have the AMI BCP utility, please let me know where you got it from.

manish 03/18/2018

Shortcut key in msi g31tm-p21 main board

Tanja Krajinovic 03/20/2018

How can I get in in BIOS as a administrator. When I press Del I get into BIOS but I get "Access level: USER" and I cannot change settings My BIOS AMERICAN MEGATRENDS VERSION 2.15.1236 I have another computer from same vendor/serie but there I get Access level Administrator. Please help me . How can I come in BIOS as a administrator

jrmtz 04/29/2018

Hi there, I'm trying to enable XMP for my RAM on a new Gigabyte 15x V8, but I cannot find that setting in the BIOS. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you.

Toshiba satelite 05/01/2018

Neviem sa dostat do biosu len vipisuje american megatrend pomož te mi prosim vdaka

AMI Marketing 05/01/2018

jrmtz: Gigabyte controls their own BIOS image and all options. You will need to contact them for any changes and modifications you wish to make.

juan retamal 05/02/2018

pci network card is disabled and i do not know how to leave it always enabled

Darmawan efendi 05/03/2018

Hi terry. Iam is the beginner, could you please help me how to quite American Mega trends from my noot book asus!

Tom 05/17/2018

Is there a way to move the selection left/right *without a keyboard?* I have a touch-screen tablet with Aptio 4 BIOS (no touch screen support.) I can get into BIOS by holding Vol-Up & Power during startup, but once I'm there, all I can do is move up/down the first page (using the volume rocker. "Power" acts as Enter.) W/o the ability to change menus, I can't do anything. I have no USB support and need to reset my settings.

Anonymous 06/01/2018

Tom, I do not think so. You may need to set up a Bluetooth Keyboard. Before you do that, you need to check to see if the device supports Bluetooth Keyboards during boot up to get into the BIOS.

Aj 06/04/2018

Hi, how would you go about if you hadn't saved a flash from previous Windows?? I'm stuck with a wiped HHD after a couple unsuccessful Linux partitions..Currently bios memory is 4096 MB. Me:Aspire Z3770 v.1.06 BIOS: American Megatrend v. P03-A2

aj 06/04/2018

Hi, is there a way to change UEFI to Legacy? Me: Bios P03-A2

JB Toby 07/20/2018

When I enable an admin password I have trouble entering BIOS with F2, it often ignores F2 and goes to windows. When I disable the Password it does not do this. What could be going on here. BIOS v5.0.0.12 R14.0 aptio fujitsu setup, 2.18.263

Terry 07/31/2018

Diego, contact the motherboard manufacturer. They must have a different setting or you are locked out.

Sam 08/07/2018

Does AMI still provide an option to boot via legacy BIOS?

Jim Sornig 08/14/2018

Hello, I have a Wintel PC with the UEFI 5.011 Core Build. I am looking for the option to allow the computer to come back on after power loss. This option is not made available to me. Is there a BIOS I can upgrade to, to get this option available. I have older UEFI Bios 4.xx and this option is available. Thank you Jim

Andy Fitz 09/03/2018

I have a Wintel Mini PC with uefi 2.4 pi 1.3. It seems, thet there is no possibility to start the PC by switching the power on (restart after power loss). Do I miss something, or ist it possible to update to a UEFI version whicj gives me that feature? Thank you, Andy

Abedin 09/13/2018

Hi Terry, I m using an old system with AMI BIOS 586 motherboard. Since the Dallas real-time CMOS battery was gone, I need to put new battery in CMOS. However, the origiansl harddisk WD cavier 4.3gb was also gone. So when I tried to add new hard drive(20gb) with the motherboard it was show in BIOS but did not proceed advance to enter setup for window ..any suggestions bro ..

Terry 09/14/2018

Abedin, If memory serves, the Dallas RTCs were phased out around 1999. I remember in 2004, I went looking for a replacement Dallas-style RTC. I found a LION CR 2302 coin cell replacement with RTC on a small PCB hack, but I think those don't exist anymore either. About the Hard drive and from what you're telling me, I do not think you'll be able to use a 20 GB drive on it. If you can, you can see if a manual still exists online for your board.

Jeff 09/26/2018

I'm trying to save and exit the BIOS using F4 (MAC OS + MAC terminal TERM type = ansi). The BIOS responds by asking "Quit without saving" I select no, and I'm dropped back in the main menu. What key do I hit to save my changes and exit the BIOS setup? Thanks, Jeff

Josd Voo 10/02/2018

Hi, guys. I need to configure my bios to enable conection to an external usb adapter card. Does anyone of you have this information? I appreciate any help. Josd Voo

David 10/24/2018

I'm not sure about what happened. I tried to download a new operating system, but after finishing the installation, he directed me to restart. So! The only thing that comes out is the message "Reboot and select proper ..."

Troy 10/27/2018

How do I set it to always use the AMI Boot Manager? Reason I ask is I want to run multiple OSes but not use their boot manager--I would like my PC to pop up and always show the drives where I can then select the drive and run it. I do not always hot the F12 button in time to do it myself.

Nandiman 11/01/2018

I have the same problem as Tanja Krajinovic, have 2 devices, one has access level administrator, the other access level user, and the latter has many advanced options disabled and I do not know how to change it to administrator.

RAUF 11/28/2018

HEY i need to know how to change boot option from ufi to legacy in American Megatrends 2016 kindly help out me plz thanks

Anonymous 12/03/2018

I’m trying to help fix one of the laptops of a friend and it comes up that a configuration change was requested to clear the computers TPM and the options are to press F12 to clear the TPM or press ESC to reject change request. I try to use any options but it seems like the keyboard is not working but the on/off button is working. Nothing on the internet is helping and I prefer not to go to someone until it isn’t possible for me to do myself

Anonymous 12/04/2018

I am not finding Virtualization option on Bios

Cassio 12/04/2018

Good night, I have a problem, in the bios menu does not show the advanced option, only "Main, Security, Boot, Save & Exit" how do I enable? my version is 2.18.1263

nicola 12/17/2018

where i can found bios update for medion computer d3em2wox.221

Jim L. 12/18/2018

I have a Samsung All-In-One with AMI Bios. I only have the option to boot to the hard drive. How do I boot from my DVD Drive?

MrJOX 12/23/2018

Hey Cassio, i have the same problem. I'm looking for "advanced" menu...

MHZ 12/27/2018

hi, pls help me i got an great wall feixiang model pc (not laptop) and i cant run my BIOS HELP ME cant find it

Oleg 01/03/2019

Hi. I have two Asus C8HM70-IHDMI MB with last AMI bios ver. 0702. In some cases pressing F2 or Del not allow at all to come in the bios settings. The first time it was "due to" hdd Hitachi 160gb. The detached hdd worked well on the other (not uefi) mother boards, but on the both C8HM70-IHDMI hung booting. When I attached this hdd by hot plug in puppy linux the hdd worked well with the C8HM70-IHDMI. When I restored system from a copy to this hdd, it began work normaly with C8HM70-IHDMI (without hot plug and bios hunging). The same way 3TB WD hdd works good on the other (not uefi) boards, but hangs booting with the C8HM70-IHDMI. The other example: 2TB WD hdd worked good with C8HM70-IHDMI board, but when I added 3 partitions on this hdd, began booting hang with the C8HM70-IHDMI. Again this hdd nicely works with the board (C8HM70-IHDMI) in puppy linux after hot plug. It would be good to have timeouts for bios operations with messages on what going wrong. And please help with the bios.

Ge 01/14/2019

I'm looking for "advanced" menu, my BIOS only show "Main, Security, Boot, Save & Exit" .

Ryan 01/30/2019

I bet Terry is tired of everyone' thinking this blog is a tech support forum. HEY PEOPLE contact the company whose name is on the outside of your computer and give Terry a break! He isn't going to be able to "unlock" your bios for you either!! ;-)

Dmytro 04/15/2019

Hi. Is there any way to reset BIOS settings by some keys combination when powering up the laptop? I have completely new laptop that is being shipped without OS. So I set to boot from USB flash drive in BIOS setup utility, then Save and reboot. Now I have just unresponsive laptop with black screen. Just power led is on. Flash drive with led doesn't show any activity when laptop is being powered on (led just lights up and remains steady). CPU is Intel N4000 battery is not detachable (kind of ultrabook). Thanks.

Martin 04/18/2019

Hello Terry and anyone who can help.... I got a Lenovo ideapad U300 loaded with an Aptio 2011 bios utility, my problem is that after i change the setting to legacy support, now when i start the laptop now it goes straight to the bios utility setting page (without me pressing any keys) and when i try to change settings on the page it is completely frozen and does not respond to any keybord keys input. So i am stuck on the Aptio setup utility without been able to change anything even a simple thing like to change time and date when i start the laptop. Any help from the community here will be very much appreciated Thanks in advance.

Gonne, 04/23/2019

Try Using a usb keyboard, then, Record the BIOS acpi update from the manufracter "lenovo" and try to re installing the bios update from CD.! This will update your bios firmware and then you will "load defaults setting from bios (KEY F9 in my laptop for example) then F10 to save and exit. " (this is that you need) I think you can boot from cd with a key...mine is F12 , but this information is on Lenovo Support web page. Greetings from Argentina