Top three keys used to enter UEFI BIOS Setup

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  • my 11/23/2017

    Hi Terry, I am trying find out how to get to the UEFI Graphical Interface. bios. I do get into the old blue text screen bios by pressing F2. From this traditional blue screen text BIOS I did get there once , but not sure or remember how. The hardware is a 11 inch Medion notebook. The old blue screen TEXT BIOS is 'APTIO SETUP UTILITY AMERICAN MEGATREND. Core version 5.011 . Compliancy UEFI 2.4 PI 1.3. I need to know how to recover Windows 10 from an external USB stick from the UEFI graphical interface. Your blog shows only the old text screen bios. I am pasting web links of examples of the old and new bios. New gui bios old text screen bios Ta, My
  • my 11/25/2017

    Hi ( Terry), Please ignore my previous question. The solution was found on the internet. Hold down the shift key and restart win 10, that brings up the GUI 'bios'. You may able to assist with the following. With other computers, Linux / Ubuntu install gives the option to install next to Windows. Upon start up it gives the option whether to boot Windows or Linux. With the Medion notebook, , Ubuntu wants to erase the entire ( built in flash) disk. So I guided Ubuntu install onto the SD card. Though the first partition says 'efi' ( MBR) in windows, I cannot get the system to boot from the SD card. The text bios does not seem to recognise the SD card. From windows, the SD card is empty. The Ubuntu install went for an hour or so, yet the SD card seems empty. So do you know a way to install Ubuntu next to windows on this note book ? Ta, My
  • Terry 11/27/2017

    My, Hello again. I do not know how to do what you are asking. The Medion notebook is not built by American Megatrends. We only provide the BIOS/UEFI firmware for it. I am not sure who the actual OEM or ODM is for that laptop. You can try check to see if Microstar (MSI) is the actual producer. I hope this information is helpful. Terry
  • Evgeniy 12/08/2017

    Hello, i have a notebook Samsung NP355V5C-S0GRU. System not load. Bios has a password. I don't know this password. Problem message: system disabled [ 542DB5228DF122F536 ]. Please help me.
  • Terry 12/08/2017

    American Megatrends does not store or have backdoor passwords for our AptioV UEFI firmware. You will need to visit the OEM's website directly. In the case of Samsung, please visit the following Samsung Support site to recover your password.
  • Bruce 01/09/2018

    I'm working on an American Megatrends mobo with an i7 & 16gb ram. Does your desktop motherboards support a quick boot option? I own an older American Megatrends mobo an I can press either the f8 or f10, I can't remember which, during bootup and I'm presented with a one time boot option. IE, DVD, USB, Network, ect... Is this option still available? Thanks, Bruce
  • Terry 01/09/2018

    Bruce, Thank you for your comment. American Megatrends no longer manufactures motherboards. We create the BIOS and UEFI firmware for motherboards and server boards. The manufacturers of these boards turn on/off these features as they see fit. It is my understanding that the boot option is still available. For example, some boards use the key upon boot up. However, if the boot option key is not available on the board you purchase (or want to purchase), you can always set the boot priority in BIOS or UEFI setup. I hope this answer points you in the right direction.

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