SnapVDI A81 Zero Client Released

SnapVDI A81 Zero Client Released

American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) today announced the release of its SnapVDI Z81 Zero Client. These units are powerful, geen, secure, and easy to manage. Our A81 Zero Clients deliver a seamless desktop virtualization experience with our SnapVDI Platform. Experience fast boot up times of seconds from SnapVDI SPARK enabled technology, simple and intuitive configuration through SnapVDI Manager, security through USB locking and user profiles, and the absolute lowest usage of power - 2 Watts at rest and 10 Watts under load.

Go green. Compared to traditional desktops which can require upwards of 100W, the SnapVDI A81 Zero Client uses 2W at rest and only 10W under a standard load - generating an ongoing energy and electricity cost savings upon installation. To go along with lower power consumption when in use, the A81 devices can be scheduled to automatically shut down after working hours and then boot before the start of the business day. The A81 is also RoHS compliant and EnergyStar certified to guarantee the most efficient, environmentally-friendly solution available.

With a form factor a fraction of traditional desktops, the SnapVDI A81 Zero Client leverages an ARM 1GHz processor, 4GB eMMC flash, and 512MB of DRAM to deliver the blazing performance and unparalleled reliability your users need. The A81 also boasts dual-monitor display capabilities and a high quality 1920x1200 maximum resolution to accommodate high-end visual demands.

Integrate at your own rate. SnapVDI A81 Zero Clients are easily deployed and managed - from small scale test environments to corporate-wide installations. With support for multiple network speeds and a standard VESA mounting kit, the A81 Zero Clients are effortlessly added to your current network and can be mounted on existing desktop monitors to help keep upfront costs low.

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