IoTbrix at the Intel Global IoT Dev Fest III

IoTbrix at the Intel Global IoT Dev Fest III

AMI recently had the opportunity to participate in a new (to us) event called the Intel® Global IoT Dev Fest III.

It was a unique virtual event which takes place online and brings participants and presenters from around the globe to share "insights and knowledge, real-world business use cases, as well as practical tools and resources for designing, developing, integrating, and managing end-to-end solutions."

During the IoT Dev Fest, AMI made a live video stream presentation of our IoTbrix® Cloud-based Development Environment for IoT Firmware, which we are pleased to now be able to share with our loyal readers.

A link to the presentation on the IoT DevFest website can be found below:

We hope you enjoy this video stream presentation, and thanks as always for reading our Tech Blog!

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