IoTbrix - Build, not code your IoT Devices

IoTbrix - Build, not code your IoT Devices

IoTbrix is a cloud-based firmware development environment for IoT from American Megatrends. The IoT hardware(s) and its logical operations are represented as UI components. Users has to represent their hardware connections and logical operations by dragging and dropping components. The IoTbrix will generate firmware based on it. It provides an easy way for the users to generate their product firmwares without spending much time on going through hardware specifications rather than working on logical functions.

Key Features of IoTbrix

Drag and drop user interface
Dragging and dropping the Microcontrollers/SoCs, sensors, actuators and similar components from “Package” library into a new project, connect the leads by clicking on the pinouts in “Physical”, define the logic operations in “Logical” and generate the underlying code and the firmware.

Simple, intuitive management of project template and settings
Group of members can work collaboratively from anywhere.

Users can share their projects seamlessly as “Templates” at any point. The recipients can instantaneously start work using these templates, make changes to it and proceed with generating the final firmware.

View underlying firmware source code
Users can view and debug their firmware codes at any stage of development.

Cloud-based platform; always up-to-date
Users will have the most up-to-date “Package” libraries for their IoT development environment. IoTbrix will add packages to the Cloud for market new IoT hardwares/sensors/components.

A low-end notebook and a web browser are good enough to develop and generate firmware for IoT products.

Robust library of SoCs, sensors, and actuators
“Packages” are already available for Industry standard SoCs, sensors, and actuators from leading manufacturers and the library is still growing.

Sneak Peek of IoTbrix

Dashboard of IoTbrix

Physical layout in IoTbrix

Logical Layout in IoTbrix

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