Intel® Innovation Engine + Aptio V

Intel® Innovation Engine + Aptio V

Customization, innovation and differentiation are three things that developers value when it comes to developing their platforms. If developers incorporate Intel®'s Innovation Engine on their platforms, developers have the ability to customize, innovate and differentiate their product offerings by implementing new features and addressing their own platform requirements. Good news for Aptio V customers? AMI's added support for Intel IE on Intel Atom® C3000 Processors using Aptio® V UEFI Firmware gives Aptio V customers more control over the architecture of their firmware!

Previously, AMI's MegaRAC® PM-X solution integrated Innovation Engine support so OEMs could develop their own manageability features within Intel-based platforms. Following in the trails of the MegaRAC PM-X solution, AMI recently added support for Intel's Innovation Engine on platforms running AMI's Aptio V UEFI firmware. Intel's Innovation Engine is a small Intel architecture processor that allows OEMs to customize their firmware and have more manageability over their systems. Innovation Engine can be extended to BIOS and BMC solutions

For heightened security purposes, the IE code is cryptographically bound to the system developer. If the IE code is not verified by the system developer, the system will fail to load. System developers can build their own hardware root of trust verification (HRTV) to validate any digital signatures before system execution.

To read more about the new support for Intel Innovation Engine support by AMI, please read the full press release: here.

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