Hybrid Storage vs. All-Flash Storage

Hybrid Storage vs. All-Flash Storage

Hybrid storage versus All-flash storage.Which is better? Which is more cost-effective? Which is right for your infrastructure? Lucky for you the good folks at StorTrends put together a brief explanation video to help differentiate the two.

TL:DR Hybrid Storage is the most cost-effective storage solution to deliver superior performance and substantial capacity within a single array. By combining solid-state drives (SSDs) with SAS or NL-SAS drives, users can realize the monumental performance benefits of SSDs, as well as the high storage density of SAS/NL-SAS disks that balance costs and provide massive capacity. Hybrid storage arrays generate the performance and storage necessary for VDI, heavy-hitting databases, and other IO-intensive applications.

TL:DR All Flash Storage arrays, also known as All Flash Arrays (AFAs), are comprised solely of solid-state drives (SSDs) to deliver unmatched levels of performance. Thanks to revolutionary data compaction technologies such as inline compression and deduplication, StorTrends truly makes the price of flash comparable to traditional spinning disk storage.

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