"How to" with IoTbrix: Latest Functions and Features

Earlier this year, our Tech Blog introduced you to IoTbrix, our our cloud-based IoT Firmware Development Studio, which allows you to "build, not code" your IoT devices. It has an easy to use, web-based "drag and drop" interface that is an easy way for designers to quickly build firmware for IoT projects without much effort or knowledge of in-depth firmware coding.

As we continue to add features and components to IoTbrix, we have created a new video on our IoTbrix YouTube channel that gives a quick look at how to start a new IoTbrix project and add easily components to the device layout.

Watch the new video "How to" with IoTbrix: Latest Functions and Features here:

What are your thoughts about IoTbrix and IoT firmware development? Are you curious to try this unique online development environment that enables you to build your dream IoT projects? Drop us a line in the comments below, and visit our website at https://ami.com/en/products/internet-of-things/iot-firmware-development-environment/ to learn more. As always, thanks for reading our Tech Blog!

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