American Megatrends Announces New, Free Version of AMIDuOS Android Environment for Windows

American Megatrends Announces New, Free Version of AMIDuOS Android Environment for Windows

AMI is pleased to announce a new, free-to-download version of AMIDuOS®, our popular Android Environment for Microsoft® Windows® platforms, starting from today.

After many years of offering multiple versions of our award-winning AMIDuOS software for a modest licensing fee, AMI ultimately decided to suspend sales of the product earlier this year, due primarily to compatibility issues with newer versions of Microsoft Windows. Soon after, a surprising outpouring of goodwill for the discontinued product and requests to revive it poured in to AMI.

Now, in response to popular demand, AMI has decided to bring AMIDuOS "back to life" – by re-issuing the software for all users to download and use it free of charge. This free version of AMIDuOS is consistent with the final releases of the paid version of the product and will be available for download from today.

Interested users can now download AMIDuOS, as well as get more information on known issues and system requirements, from our website at:

Users should also take note that this software is offered “as-is” with limited technical support available and may not be fully supported on all Windows platforms. Please note as well that no further product updates or bug fixes will be forthcoming for this product from AMI.

In parallel with this announcement, American Megatrends will be suspending online ticket technical support through our website, effective immediately. However, our Knowledgebase of archived technical support articles and user comments will still be available on that website indefinitely.

Once again, we would like to thank our community of users for their continued support of AMIDuOS, and we hope that everyone continues to enjoy this popular AMI software product.

Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

ReconNyko 01/20/2019

Wow ... Dear AMi is a great Enterprise !!

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