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MegaRAC® Security Center


MegaRAC Security Center

AMI is committed to providing the highest level of security in its MegaRAC products, with the MegaRAC Security Team standing by for rapid response

The AMI MegaRAC Security Team

With its MegaRAC products deployed on a majority of computing systems across the globe, AMI is deeply committed to its role as a leader in MegaRAC security. The company has established an in-house MegaRAC Security Team to enable it to rapidly respond to security issues as they arise and provide recommendations to its OEM/ODM customers, as well as the industry at large, through AMI Security Advisories and other communication channels.

 For AMI OEM/ODM customers, we request that you contact your AMI Sales Representative for the latest Security Advisory information from AMI. When necessary, AMI Security Advisories provide fixes or workarounds for potential vulnerabilities associated with AMI's MegaRAC products.

Report a Security Issue to AMI

If you have information about a security issue or vulnerability with a MegaRAC Product from AMI, please send an email to the AMI MegaRAC Security Team at For added security, we recommend using AMI's provided Encryption Key to encrypt sensitive information before sending. A member of the MegaRAC Security Team will review your email and contact you to collaborate on resolving the issue.

Please provide as much information as possible, including:
 The products and versions affected.
 Detailed description of the vulnerability.
 Information on known exploits.

Need Technical Support with an AMI MegaRAC product?

 The email address should only be used for reporting security issues.

If you:
 Have questions about the security features of an AMI MegaRAC product
 Require Technical Support
 Want product updates or patches
Please visit our general Support pages and Resource Library.


If you choose to use the form below, please include a brief explanation of the security issue. Please do not describe details as requested in the text above.

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