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MegaRAC® VUE Overview

MegaRAC® VUE is an all-in-one VDI solution from AMI offering a high-fidelity user experience featuring centralized management software, intelligent VDI accelerator and thin client firmware. Users no longer have to compromise on performance, as VUE takes virtualization to the next level by breaking the shackles of existing performance constraints. The MegaRAC VUE solution features all of the software and firmware components necessary for a robust, scalable and fault tolerant VDI deployment, including the premium MegaRAC VUE Spark, Server Manager, Server Deployment Studio and Smart Client Firmware.

MegaRAC VUE supports High Availability that prevents any data loss and reduces down time. It is highly scalable through clustering independently. MegaRAC VUE can be customized to fit nearly any environment ranging from 50 to 200 desktops with or without high availability.

Why MegaRAC® VUE is the VDI solution for you

Users will find that MegaRAC® VUE's performance is identical to that of a traditional PC, however much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Users can access their profile from any device, and backup and disaster recovery is easily deployed. Interested in building a virtual desktop infrastructure, but not sure how or where to begin? MegaRAC® VUE from American Megatrends, Inc. has a team of experts waiting to assist you with any questions. We are happy to show you the proper steps to implement VDI without unnecessary costs or wasted time. Partner with AMI to deploy a simple, scalable, and secure VDI solution. To get started, call a MegaRAC® expert at 1-800-U-BUY-AMI.

Our solution is:


With exceptional user experience and performance per Watt in the industry, boot and login-storm bottlenecks are completely removed allowing virtual desktops to boot up in mere seconds. Management is as simple as a few clicks.


User data is stored in the data center instead of on local clients. Input actions are returned to the server over an encrypted channel. The entirety of an organization's data resides in a secure environment on highly redundant systems.


Our thin clients use just 5-7 Watts of power as our infrastructure uses less power than traditional ones. According to analysts at Info-Tech, a 5-10 Watt thin client can cut power by 75% compared to a traditional desktop PC's.


Eliminating the need for IT administrators to deal with desktops on an individual basis, administrators can upgrade, install and refresh hundreds of nodes all from one central, remote location.

VUE Server

MegaRAC® VUE Server uses a simple architecture and can be run on any commodity servers to offer unprecedented performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership. High availability, backup and recovery come standard with the solution. MegaRAC VUE Server revolves 3 main components creating the overall solution including:

The brain of the MegaRAC® VUE architecture, VUE Spark provides intelligent caching and storage with high fidelity. Spark also enables a seamless user experience with on-the fly backup and recovery built in. This layer of VUE empowers Remote Desktop Services, giving users an experience identical to that of a local desktop. VUE Spark is designed for scalability and performance with minimal downtime. In fact, all components of the VDI system can be booted up in seconds.
The biggest challenge with VDI solutions are the initial setup and configuration. Typically, it requires extensive training, domain knowledge and few days for deployment. With VUE Deployment Studio all these complexities are avoided. The setup and configuration is fast and automated and the tool performs everything from checking the HW and SW components, validating the solution pieces , installing all the missing components and pin point HW errors, if any. With this tool, entire VDI will be up and running in few hours. VDI administrator can really focus on desktops provisioning and management.
AMI™'s long history of innovation includes the MegaRAC® line of remote management solutions for complete lights-out management of servers, clients, and embedded devices. AMI has leveraged its deep remote management expertise to develop the VUE Manager. Using this software, an administrator can monitor, manage and provision all VDI components - including VM pool creation, deletion, modification, provisioning and management of users, storage, thin clients and inventory - all from a central, remote location. Additionally, VUE Manager enables the administrator to build a private cloud environment to greatly increase the utility and cost-effectiveness of the VDI solution.

VUE Firmware

Unlike other VDI solutions, MegaRAC Vue comes with SOC based thin clients that has a built-in hardware decoder engine to provide acceleration and maximize performance. Thin Client Management comes standard with our MegaRAC VUE Client Manager. Optionally, the VUE Firmware for X86 platforms is also available.

The MegaRAC VUE Smart Client is a Zero/Thin Client solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The firmware is tightly integrated with the hardware platform to take advantage of available hardware acceleration and maximize performance. This hardware acceleration allows for robust connections to remote desktops. It supports seamless HD graphics and up to four displays with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) making it highly user-friendly. MegaRAC VUE currently runs on Aspeed’s AST 3100 and AST 3200 ARM based SoCs.

MegaRAC VUE Client Manager is featured with configuration options to modify the almost all the settings of an individual or group of MegaRAC VUE Smart Client Device monitored by the manager software. Features include language settings, network configuration, firmware update, hostname settings, factory restore, modify hostname and so on. It also includes features to modify the remote session settings such as remote session display settings, USB device redirection settings, audio redirection settings, etc.

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