MegaRAC® Solutions for Intel® Rack Scale Design

Intel® Rack Scale Design is an open framework that defines the standards for composing logical servers from disaggregated pools of storage, network and compute resources. MegaRAC Rack Scale Design Solutions enable high efficiency for building, managing and improving cloud infrastructure in a software-defined data center. These solutions are fully compliant with Intel Rack Scale Design and DMTF Redfish standards. Included are the fully integrated Pooled System Management Engine (PSME) firmware solutions and the AMI® Composer Pod Management Software.

MegaRAC PSME firmware solutions are hardened, production worthy and tightly integrated to function with the MegaRAC manageability firmware stack used by nearly every ODM and within most hyper-scale data centers. These solutions can be deployed in a single image to the popular (BMC) service processors, but are also configurable to run stand-alone on x86 or other architectures, and with custom OEM manageability firmware stacks. MegaRAC PSME solutions can not only run on compute nodes integrated with the server BMC, but also on Chassis or Rack Management Modules or they can run as a Container under the Pod Manager. These solutions all work under a Redfish Framework, making it easy to add extensions, such as Fabric Management.

  • Integrated design within management controller firmware on RSD hardware unit
  • Rack Scale intelligence built out of OxM server hardware
  • Out-of-band manageability
  • Fail-safe architecture with failover design
  • Lower TCO in the datacenter
  • Flexible rack design due to compliance with industry standards

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