NVMeoF Fabric Management Firmware

MegaRAC® FPX2.0 NVMe over Ethernet Fabric Management Firmware

MegaRAC® FPX2.0™ NVMe-oF Management Firmware is a powerful firmware/software solution combining the complete functionality to support Server SAN, including Ethernet Fabric management and NVMe drive management, with that of a baseboard management controller (BMC).

The firmware component of MegaRAC FPX2.0 resides on the preexisting onboard BMC and maintains complete MegaRAC® SP-X™ based server manageability, along with extensions that enable completely secure, out-of- band (OOB) NVMe storage manageability, available right out of the box. Its software component, called Ethernet Storage Manager (ESM), runs on the server chipset in the case of storage server boxes, and on the built-in Arm® CPU core on the smart RNICs used in storage appliance boxes (JBOFs).

MegaRAC FPX2.0 supports all storage server architectures, including current Intel® x86 and AMD platforms, as well as future Arm based storage servers. MegaRAC FPX2.0 also enables Server SAN architectures on storage appliance boxes, when paired with Mellanox BlueField™ or Broadcom Stingray™ (PS1100R) smart NICs and storage adapters.

In addition to the high degree of out-of-band NVMe storage management for discovering storage pools, creating namespaces, attaching/detaching NVMe storage volumes to remote compute nodes, a key aspect of MegaRAC FPX2.0 is its inclusion of NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) support to enable drive inventory and telemetry data support on the BMC OOB interface.

MegaRAC FPX2.0 is based on the proven, highly stable and industry-leading MegaRAC Core Technology. Like MegaRAC SP-X, MegaRAC FPX2.0 firmware provides a high level of modularity, with the ability to easily configure the complete firmware / software stack by selecting and deselecting features that are available in package form.

  • True Server SAN solution for commodity / white box storage hardware
  • Caters to hyperscale as well as hyperconverged infrastructure needs
  • Supported servers: Intel® x86, AMD, Arm®
  • Supported appliances: Mellanox BlueField, Broadcom Stingray
  • Quick, fully automated deployment to convert an off-the-shelf storage box into a Server SAN
  • Completely secure, out-of-band (OOB) storage management
  • Runs on standard BMC hardware (including AST2500/AST2600)
  • Redfish™ and Intel® RSD (Storage/Fabric PSME) support
  • MegaRAC® Composer™ Pod Management Software

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