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Intel® Innovation Engine Firmware


Intel® Innovation Engine Firmware

MegaRAC PM-X is a highly compact IPMI 2.0 and DCMI 1.5 firmware designed to support the Innovation Engine (IE) from Intel®. This firmware solution enables hardware manufacturers that leverage Innovation Engine to create a comprehensive yet essential manageability solution without adding any glue-logic, SDRAM or other hardware components other than a NIC on the server board.

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MegaRAC PM-X uses the same integrated development environment (IDE) as MegaRAC SP-X, the firmware stack of choice for nearly all ODMs for their full BMC development. MegaRAC Development Studio (MDS) provides for a common GUI interface for developing both firmware stacks.

  • HW Health Monitoring Watchdog Timer, LAN Alerting, Event Generation, Serial Over LAN (SOL)
  • System Interface Support Event log (SEL), Sensor Support
  • Remote Power Control: Power Cycle, Reset, Graceful Shutdown
  • Remote Management Control Protocol Support Encryption, Enhanced Authentication
  • Customization Supports MegaRAC Development Studio, Platform Development Kit (PDK) for OEM Extensions and Customization
  • LAN Support Side-band

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