Blade Management

Chassis Management for Modular / Blade Servers

MegaRAC® CM (Chassis Manager) is a robust Linux®-based firmware solution for the management of modular server chassis. It is extended from AMI’s successful MegaRAC® SP-X system-on-chip (SoC) Firmware and is in full compliance with the Open Blade Architecture System Management Specification from the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) Forum. In addition to blades, MegaRAC CM fits nicely into microserver designs and rack-level management based on its flexible framework and customization tools.

  • Discovery, management and health monitoring of all server chassis elements
  • Manages power supplies, compute blades, I/O modules and cooling devices
  • Supports widely adopted communications protocols such as RMCP, SNMP and WS-Discovery
  • DMTF interoperability standards like CIM, SMASH-CLP and WS-MAN

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