Pre-Boot Applications

A Complete Toolkit for Pre-Boot Customization

AMI's pre-boot applications (PBA) offer system builders the capability to store tools and applications on a hidden partition of the hard disk. Easily activated by a hotkey at startup, AMI PBA tools and services enhance user the experience by saving time and eliminating difficulties. Recovery and diagnostics services facilitate customer service issues, reducing service calls and speeding up resolution of potential issues.

In addition to its applications, AMI provides a complete set of tools for an OEM to customize and control the contents of the pre-boot environment, including:

  • AMI Rescue recovery application
  • AMIDiag™ Diagnostic Utilities for UEFI
  • Disk Utilities for hidden partition backup, restore and resizing
  • Service Creation Utility
  • Service Packaging Utility
  • Partition Library
  • Services Library
  • Service Access Driver
  • OEM Development Environment

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