Chromebook™ Firmware

Leveraging Coreboot Experience with Google & Key OEMs

AMI leverages its extensive experience working with x86 hardware, as well as Coreboot training and porting experience with Google and key Chromebook™ OEMs to offer custom Firmware solutions for Chromebook platforms.

AMI is intimately familiar with the Coreboot architecture that supports Chromebook hardware, as well as Intel MRC code and Uboot for ARM processors; this translates to superior firmware solutions for Chromebook devices that enable manufacturers to quickly deliver products that offer superior boot speeds, and unique, platform-specific customizations. For more information on Chromebook Firmware solutions from AMI, please contact an AMI Software Sales Representative at 1-800-828-9264 or via our Contact form.

  • AMI has a long history of working with x86 hardware and debugging the supporting software
  • AMI has independently worked with Coreboot on x86 platforms and has used several Coreboot payloads in the past
  • Because Chromebook projects also include these pieces, AMI is uniquely positioned to better support customers in these areas
  • AMI also has a very close working relationship with Intel ISG if any problems arise

Chromebook™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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