Tablet Benefits

Aptio V: Tablet Benefits

AMI has been working with tablet vendors before tablets are what they are today. Knowing the industry well allows AMI to have already developed functionality that end consumers expect including touch capabilities and graphical interfaces for configuration.


Touch Optimized

The ESA setup interface fully supports touch interaction for tablet devices

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Recover with Ease

AMI Composer System Manager provides a GUI for recovery and rescue applications


FastBoot Optimization

AMI FastBoot greatly reduces boot speeds, a key requirement for tablet platforms


Start with Windows

AMI offers CRB solutions that are Microsoft® Windows® logo-ready


Benefits of Experience

The benefits of AMI's long relationships with top silicon and OEM partners pass along to each Aptio customer


Multi-platform Support

For x86 / non-x86 systems, Windows® and Linux® environments


Modular Architecture

Drop in eModules for custom features on top of the common BIOS core