AMIbios 8

Modular BIOS for All of Today's Platforms

AMIBIOS8 is modular BIOS designed to address all aspects of today's market: desktop, mobile, server, embedded & ultra mobile computing. Thanks to its flexible architecture, AMIBIOS8 is ideal for embedded platforms, easily blending features from these different platform segments.

  • Flash utilities for multiple operating systems
  • AMIBCP, MMTool & Change Logo for ROM image maintenance
  • DMIEDIT for SMIBIOS data in manufacturing
  • Power Management for ACPI, Embedded Controller, Intel® SpeedStep®, AMD PowerNOW!, Cool n’Quiet
  • BBS Boot Options including SATA, IDE, USB, LAN, Floppy
  • Trust and Security: TCG/TPM, Intel TXT
  • Virtualization support for Intel VT, AMD-V™
  • Platform Management: Intel vPro™, Intel AMT, IPMI, SMBIOS, ASF, Serial Console Redirection
  • Expansion Bus: USB, PCI, PCI-X, PCIe, ExpressCard

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