AMI Composer® System Manager — Simplify System Maintenance and Configuration

AMI Composer® System Manager integrates firmware configuration and updates, hardware diagnostics and pre-OS applications in a Unified EFI (UEFI) environment. Combined with Aptio® firmware and AMIDiag™ diagnostics, it greatly simplifies system maintenance and setup. It also replaces the "recovery DVD" with an always available pre-boot management tool that can be executed from the BIOS flash ROM, NAND flash, on-board USB, protected disk partitions and proprietary storage. Additionally, AMI Composer System Manager allows for simple customization of the pre-OS environment, so developers can replace the standard BIOS look and feel with proprietary branding.

Move away from text-based applications to an intuitive graphical interface and make system diagnostics readily available to the user. Take advantage of UEFI standards to create a framework for integrating new applications that leverage the same GUI and customized themes. Execute BIOS and firmware updates in pre-boot to eliminate OS compatibility issues and enable recovery and full system tests even when the OS cannot boot. AMI Composer System Manager is currently available as an add-on product only to OEM/ODM customers; for more information, please contact an AMI software sales consultant.

  • Simplify Pre-OS Configuration
  • Embed Utilities with the system
  • OS-Independent Firmware Updates
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Integrated Diagnostics for full system tests
  • Standards Based for use across multiple platforms
  • Easily Extensible framework for integrating new applications
  • Simplify Updates from file, network share, HTTP or FTP

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