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MG9094 Controller


Ultra-compact ASIC Design with the Latest Features

The MegaRAC MG9094 helps optimize backplane layout with the latest enclosure management technologies. Highly integrated and space-optimized, this chip features an integrated internal oscillator, measures just 9 x 9 mm, and omits the usual components that drive backplane costs up - such as external crystal, flash memory, regulator, EEPROM and LED Driver.

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The MG9094 controller directly drives 2 LEDs for up to 8 SAS/SATA drives, providing drive activity, fail/rebuild and locate signals. It supports SGPIO, IBPI and SMBUS for firmware upgrade from host BMC, making it suitable for a wide variety of systems featuring multiple drives, from 2 to 32. Currently, 16 different off-the-shelf configurations are available from AMI.

  • Low-cost, true single chip solution
  • SGPIO, IBPI and BMC SMBUS support
  • Drives 2 LEDs for up to 8 slots
  • SMBUS Firmware Upgrade capability
  • TQFP-48 package (9mm x 9mm)
  • Cascade Support for up to 32 drives

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