American Megatrends Announces the Release of StorTrends® iTX 2.7 Data Storage Software

Friday: July 20, 2007

StorTrends® iTX 2.7 provides dependable, affordable storage software for networked storage applications, featuring dual-dialect capability for both IP-SAN (Storage Area Networks) and NAS (Network Attached Storage). Configured to run on the StorTrends 1100 and 3200 storage appliances, StorTrends iTX 2.7 can also be ported to other storage platforms, such as the Intel® SSR212MC2 Storage Server. This innovative software comes preinstalled on all StorTrends storage appliances, and includes the ManageTrends® storage management suite as one of its components.

Some of the more noteworthy features in StorTrends iTX include:

  • Dual-Dialect Capability (Block & File Support in One Storage Appliance)
  • Support for VMware® ESX Server v.3.0.1 and VMware® Virtual Center v.2.0.1
  • SAS / SATA Support
  • Support for 64 Volumes
  • 1024 Read-only / 1024 Write-only Snapshots per volume
  • Support for up to 256TB
  • Journal Assisted Replication
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • System Resource Management
    • Capacity analysis and trending
    • Workflow module
    • Historical and statistical data
  • High Availability
    • Enhanced gating
    • Load balancing and path redundancy
  • 8K and 64K selective chunk sizes per volume
  • Finer provisioning of 8M Territories and 1/2M Provisions, for improved capacity utilization
  • Improved VSS Snapshot implementation
  • NAS snapshot validation
  • Synchronous Replication
    • Enhanced gating (to permit write-back drives)
    • Load balancing and multipathing with newly-developed EHMPIO module
    • One-to-One and One-to-Many replication
    • Partner snapshot validation
  • Information Lifecycle Management
    • Tiered storage support at block and volume level
  • Improved ManageTrends® web-based GUI, with enhanced look and feel

"With StorTrends iTX 2.7, AMI has today released software that will provide data storage options to small and medium sized businesses that have, in the past, been reserved for the enterprise corporations." said S. Shankar, AMI's founder and CEO. "Enhancements in StorTrends iTX 2.7 make it an ideal product for high availability for popular applications like Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft" SQL Server, Oracle®, and the like. StorTrends iTX 2.7 uses advanced snapshots, synchronous replication, and snap-assisted replication technologies for this purpose. AMI is especially proud of the intuitive and user-friendly Snapshot Timescape™ graphic interface for the rollback process to the data recovery point, in the unfortunate event of data loss or data corruption."

Paresh Chatterjee, CTO of American Megatrends, describing some of the innovations of which he is most proud, added that, "High Availability offers more performance and flexibility than ever before, with Active/Active capability. System Resource Management will allow users to look more deeply than ever before into the performance of their storage appliances, and optimize behavior based on analysis of performance data. Finally, the increased snapshot count to 2048 snapshots per appliance will allow for the creation of snapshot schedules with even finer granularity, enabling even more tightly controlled data protection and recovery capabilities."

To learn more about the innovations found in the latest release of StorTrends storage management software - StorTrends iTX 2.7 - or to learn more on the StorTrends line of storage appliances, please visit us on the web at

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