GPL Package Request Form

GPL Package Request Form

Please complete this form to request AMI GPL package access. Once you have completed the form, an AMI representative will follow up with you via email and provide more information on AMI's services to assist with the development process, including driver and application development and customization.

Currently Available GPL packages offered:

The table below indicates all GPL packages currently available from AMI, with details on release date and target platform. For more information on currently-available GPL packages, including questions on upcoming releases and updates, please contact your AMI sales representative.

Package Platform Version Other Information Size Release Date Cost
AMITinyLinux (basic package) Kabylake (tested), any UEFI platform Tiny Core Linux (CorePure64) version 7.2 (Kernel 4.2.9), AMITinyLinux version 0.07 Text-only small Linux for UEFI boot 15,144,795 TBD Source Code $0.00, Contact us for support and customization costs.

Please complete the GPL Package Request Form. Once submitted, an AMI Representative will email you concerning your request.

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