List of Known Issues with AMIDuOS Unrestricted (Free) Version


There are a number of known issues present in the current versions of AMIDuOS available through this website. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive and may not cover all potential issues that a user might encounter. Users are advised to also consult the AMIDuOS Knowledgebase at for additional issues and potential resolutions of these.

Because AMIDuOS is built on the “Jellybean” and “Lollipop” versions of the Android™ OS, it is subject to all of the limitations present in both versions of that software. Users may also encounter software activation issues (called an “unknown exception error”) from previous version of AMIDuOS. Users who are using older versions of AMIDuOS may encounter this activation error when attempting to reinstall a newer version of AMIDuOS, such as the ones available through this website.

Additionally, users should be aware that there are minimum system requirements to install AMIDuOS software on a desktop, notebook, 2-in-1 or tablet computer. Those system requirements can be found here:

Finally, AMIDuOS is provided as-is to users, free of charge. As such, AMI assumes no liability or responsibility for the performance of this software product on a user’s computer system. By downloading and installing AMIDuOS, users acknowledge that they understand these conditions and release AMI from any responsibility for issues with the software or the user’s system on which it is installed.

General List of Current Known Issues with AMIDuOS (Free/Unrestricted Version)

  • Black Screen on program launch due to incompatibility with some graphics drivers in Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • System may freeze at AMIDuOS splash screen during launch on certain devices
  • Virtual Machine Error may occur during launch on certain devices

For assistance with the above errors, please see here:

  • Front and back camera preview images can appear inverted on some devices

For a workaround with this issue, see here:

  • AMIDuOS may show a black screen or freeze sporadically on certain platforms, while waking from Windows sleep state
  • The AMIDuOS splash screen image doesn't appear during launch on Windows® 7 systems with older graphics drivers
  • Android app compatibility issues with AMIDuOS may cause some apps to not work properly
  • Some non-English keyboard layouts may not work as desired
  • After waking up from Sleep mode in Windows, some recently opened apps might not work as desired.
  • AMIDuOS will not launch if virtualization support is disabled

For assistance with the above issues, please see here:

  • AMIDuOS will not install on systems with processors with SSE versions below 4.2

For more informatinon, please see this link:

Issues specific only to Android "Lollipop" versions of AMIDuOS:

  • In Windows 10 interim releases, AMIDuOS tray notification may not display and/or the AMIDuOS shortcut may not appear in the Windows Start menu
  • InputMapper may not work as desired in non-English keyboard layouts
  • The Google Setup Wizard may be slow after performing the "gapps" update on some platforms
  • The Google Play Store may intermittently crash on some platforms

Issues specific only to Android "Jellybean" versions of AMIDuOS:

  • The "stop recording" button disappears in the Camera app when changing the camera orientation from landscape to portrait mode during recording
  • Multi-touch is not supported for the InputMapper

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.