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Press Releases

AMI Announces UEFI 2.7 Compliance for Aptio V UEFI Firmware

April 19, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA - American Megatrends, International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS, BMC and remote management firmware tools and utilities, is pleased to announce Aptio V support and compliance for the latest version of the UEFI 2.7 specification.

As a leader in BIOS/UEFI firmware and long-standing member of the UEFI Forum AMI places great importance on compliance with the latest industry standards and specifications to better serve its customers. Aptio® V, the flagship UEFI firmware from American Megatrends, is developed according to the latest UEFI specifications and the added support for the most recent version of the UEFI 2.7 specification gives manufacturers the ability to enhance select platforms based on the most recent innovations in UEFI firmware.

Compliance with the latest UEFI 2.7 specification brings a host of improvements to Aptio V UEFI firmware, including improved HTTP Boot support, IP stack configurability and protection against direct memory access (DMA) attacks, as well as enhanced interfaces for UEFI applications and drivers. Additional developments include support for flexible paging schemes, Partitions Information Protocol, and the Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) Popup Protocol.

For more information on Aptio V UEFI Firmware compliance with the latest version of the UEFI 2.7 standards, please contact your AMI representative at 1-800-U-BUY- AMI / +1-770- 246-8600 or visit

AMI Announces Investment by HGGC

April 2, 2019:

NORCROSS, GA—April 2, 2019—American Megatrends International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS, UEFI, BMC firmware and remote management tools, announced today the closing of a major investment in AMI by HGGC, a leading middle market private equity firm based in Palo Alto, California.

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Norcross, Georgia with offices in in eight countries, AMI is the world's largest provider of out-of-band server management firmware, UEFI and BIOS firmware, with its products deployed in a high proportion of all servers, datacenters, embedded devices, and personal computers worldwide. AMI's industry-leading technologies, engineering centric approach to management and relentless focus on customer support have allowed the company to sustain strong, long-term relationships with businesses across the computing ecosystem, including chip makers, hyperscale cloud service providers, ODMs and OEMs, as well as telecommunications providers.

While AMI has flourished and has been growing steadily, to become the world's leading provider of UEFI and BMC FW solutions, HGGC's investment in AMI allows AMI to expand its horizons. Following closing, the current AMI management team will continue virtually unchanged, lending continuity to the AMI culture and the AMI way of doing business. The investment by HGGC – along with its extensive relationships with potential customers in areas not currently serviced by AMI – will further accelerate growth at AMI.

"Since its founding in 1985, AMI has become known worldwide for its cutting-edge technology products, and most importantly, for its stability and customer-focus. AMI is now poised to enter its next phase of growth, so it was important to find a partner who will maintain continuity and will be able to help unlock new value to keep it moving forward," commented Subramonian Shankar, President, CEO & Founder of American Megatrends. "HGGC not only has a tremendous track record of growing technology businesses, but they also share our vision for building on past successes and taking AMI to the next level. We strongly believe that HGGC will be a great partner to our team."

"Not many people outside the system software ecosystem are familiar with AMI, but its products are mission critical for the biggest computing brands in the world," said Steve Young, HGGC President and Co-Founder. "Shankar has built an incredible business in AMI, and we could not be more pleased that he chose to partner with us to take the company into the future."

"AMI is perfectly situated in the system software ecosystem to deliver world-class products and services to its customers and to continue to lead a rapidly evolving industry in innovation," said Bill Conrad, Principal of HGGC. "We are very excited to work with Shankar and the senior leadership of AMI to continue to grow the company by developing new products and solutions critical to their customers' success."

About HGGC

HGGC is a leading middle-market private equity firm with $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., HGGC is distinguished by its "Advantaged Investing" approach that enables the firm to source and acquire scalable businesses at attractive multiples through partnerships with management teams, founders and sponsors who reinvest alongside HGGC, creating a strong alignment of interests. Over its history, HGGC has completed more than 100 platform investments, add-on acquisitions, recapitalizations and liquidity events with an aggregate transaction value of more than $17 billion. More information is available at

AMI Announces Formation of New, Independent Company: AmZetta Technologies

April 2, 2019:

NORCROSS, GA – American Megatrends International LLC (AMI) a global leader in BIOS/UEFI, BMC (out-of-band server management) firmware and data center solutions is pleased to announce the formation of a new, independent company named AmZetta Technologies, LLC (AmZetta), to be based in Norcross, Georgia. This follows the announcement of a strategic investment in AMI by HGGC, a leading, technology-focused private equity firm.

With its engineering-centric workforce, AMI has been quietly working with newer technologies, developing new products, outside the realm of AMI's main product areas that it is well known for. Many of these new products have been shipping to customers, some others nearing product launch. The new entity AmZetta will nurture these products, while AMI will focus its energies on taking Aptio and MegaRAC, to the next stage of growth and development. The two companies will be strategic partners and look for opportunities to collaborate on solutions that benefit their customers and the market.

Following this announcement, AmZetta will assume responsibility for StorTrends® Network Storage products, SnapVDI® Thin Client solutions, IoTbrix™ Cloud-based IoT Firmware Development Environment, AMIDuOS® emulator for running Android™ applications in a Microsoft® Windows® environment and AMIBOLT™ Smart Healthcare solutions.

Although AmZetta is a newly formed entity, its development, operations and management teams will remain essentially the same as they were under AMI, since the employees involved in the product activities under the AMI umbrella, will transfer to AmZetta. Subramonian Shankar, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of AMI, will also take the role of President at AmZetta.

As this transition takes effect, current AMI customers of StorTrends, SnapVDI, IoTbrix and AMIBOLT products should continue to get same the level of unrivalled support and innovation from AmZetta, that they have come to know and expect from AMI.

"The creation of a separate entity with AmZetta allows us to develop a more focused and growth-oriented portfolio as we deliver industry-leading technologies and products to rapidly growing markets. Our strong product portfolio provides multiple avenues to drive organic growth and continued margin expansion, augmented by a vigorous engineering strategy that will continue to generate tremendous technology value for our customers," said Subramonian Shankar, AMI President and Chief Executive Officer.

"AmZetta remains committed to supporting our 2,000-plus customer installations and delivering a wide range of innovative, advanced products, services and support that address the diverse needs of our growing customer base," said Justin Bagby, AmZetta Director of Sales and Marketing.

For more information about American Megatrends or its products and services, please visit or call 1-800-828-2964.

For more information about AmZetta or its products and services, please visit or call 1-800-991-1809.

About AmZetta

Founded in 2019, the AmZetta team has an average of 22 years of experience in leading technologies such as BIOS, Drivers, Firmware, Linux, Networking, RAID, Remote Management, Storage and Virtualization. AmZetta is a spinoff from American Megatrends (better known as AMI) and is focused on Storage, VDI, IoT and Healthcare technologies for the data center. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, AmZetta has locations in the U.S. and India to better serve its customers. For more information on AmZetta, its products or services, visit

StorTrends®, SnapVDI®, IoTbrix™ and AMIBOLT™ are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of American Megatrends International LLC and/or Am Zetta Technologies LLC in the US and other countries.

AMI Announces New MG9100 Universal Backplane Management Controller

March 18, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA: American Megatrends International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, server and remote management tools, data storage products and more is pleased to announce its new MG9100 Universal Backplane Management (UBM) Controller, the latest addition to its family of MG9xxx Backplane Controller products.

The MG9100 UBM Backplane Controller is a low-cost, small footprint solution for enclosure management of single and dual ported NVMe SSD backplanes as well as traditional SAS/SATA backplanes through the Universal Backplane Management (UBM) protocol. A single MG9100 controller supports up to 8 drives, while a maximum of 32 drives are supported when four MG9100 controllers are cascaded together.

The MG9100 UBM Backplane Controller was designed to foster simplicity in the management of all types of server drives – SAS, SATA and NVMe - and help standardize the management of multi-protocol backplanes. It leverages the UBM protocol for backplane management with the help of two/four UBM SMBuses communicating with the UBM controller on the host, making it capable of managing hybrid backplanes with a combination of SAS, SATA and NVMe SSDs. It also features support for legacy protocols such as SGPIO (SFF-8485), BMC SMBus and Host Hot-Plug VPP or SHP SMBus as well.

The MG9100 UBM Backplane Controller comes ready to use in a space-efficient QFN-64 package with 9 mm x 9 mm pin outline, with no firmware or programming required. It supports the International Blinking Pattern Interpretation (IBPI) specification (SFF-8489), with both 2-LED and 3-LED blinking supported for up to 8 drives. Additional features include Global Activity and Global Fail Status LEDs for the backplane as well as separate LEDs for Activity, Locate and Fail states for each drive. Preloaded and downloadable custom LED blinking patterns are also available for the MG9100.

Founder, CEO and President of American Megatrends, Subramanian Shankar, commented on this news by saying, "Today's announcement of our latest MG9100 Backplane Controller represents an evolution in our backplane controller family, as a truly universal solution for hybrid server environments. We believe the MG9100 will be a key component to help streamline and simplify management of the IT infrastructure at large and provide flexibility and choice for end users as they select optimal drive configurations to meet the needs of specific workloads and other constraints."

For more information on the new MG9100 UBM Backplane Controller from American Megatrends, please visit our website at or contact our sales team at 1-800-828-9264.

AMI to Present on the Use of Capsules for Firmware Configuration Update at Spring 2019 UEFI Plugfest

March 15, 2019:

NORCROSS, GEORGIA - American Megatrends, International LLC (AMI), a global leader in BIOS, BMC and remote management tools, network data storage products and more, will make a presentation on the use of capsules for firmware configuration update at the Spring 2019 UEFI Plugfest.

UEFI Forum Seminar and Plugfest events bring together experts from across the industry and introduces the latest UEFI firmware advancements several times a year. The event is an opportunity to meet with industry colleagues, test the latest platforms, devices and firmware, and take a deep dive into the newest UEFI enhancements.

The Spring 2019 event takes place from April 8 to April 12, 2019 in Bellevue, Washington, where American Megatrends will make a presentation on the use of capsules for Firmware Configuration Update. While capsules have been used by UEFI for updating device firmware for several years, UEFI version 2.8 has introduced a new feature where the firmware exposes Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) configuration information to the operating system. The operating system, or additional tools, can then in turn provide a capsule back to the firmware to update HII configuration settings. AMI’s presentation will be an overview of this new feature in UEFI v2.8 and explore real world use cases of the technology.

Additional details and online registration for the upcoming Spring 2019 UEFI Plugfest is now open for UEFI Forum members at: Please note that this is a members-only event.

To learn more about the UEFI Forum and possible membership opportunities visit:

To stay up-to-date on the latest UEFI Forum event details, please visit

To learn more about Aptio V UEFI Firmware from American Megatrends, please visit

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