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The Only Diagnostic Solution for UEFI

AMIDiag™ is the only hardware diagnostic solution for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) available in the market today. AMIDiag for UEFI operates independently from the operating system, offering great advantages to AMI OEM/ODM customers.

AMIDiag for UEFI builds on a long history of AMIDiag products and is designed by a pioneer in UEFI firmware. It is currently available only to OEM/ODM customers. To request a free limited-time evaluation copy, please contact an AMI software sales consultant.

  • No dependency on legacy BIOS
  • For IA32 and x64 UEFI environments
  • Compatible with current and future UEFI platforms
  • Leverage original AMIDiag product features
  • Shipped for years by a UEFI leader
  • Tested against multiple UEFI implementations

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