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Embedded Controller Firmware

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Essential Component of Mobile & Embedded Systems

The embedded controller (EC) is an essential component in modern mobile, ultra-mobile and embedded computer systems. An efficient EC sub-system enables energy-conscious designs to obtain dramatic power savings.

The latest EC silicon designs feature high performance processing power and complex features, requiring a more robust firmware solution. With over 25 years of experience in BIOS and keyboard controller programming, AMI can provide premium EC firmware solutions for a demanding marketplace. AMI's EC Firmware incorporates advanced functionality and enables flexible development options such as:

  • Keyboard Controller Functionality: AT and PS/2 8042 Compatible
  • ACPI Embedded Controller: Fully compatible with ACPI EC requirements
  • Full source code available for development
  • Smart Battery Management via SMBus interface for smart, control method batteries
  • OEM Customization: Utilize EC advanced functionality to create unique platform functionality
  • C or assembly language development
  • ShareBIOS and Internal Flash support
  • Ported to many popular chipset reference board (CRB) designs.

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