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Versatile LED Management for up to 6 Drives

The MegaRAC MG9085 helps optimize backplane layout with the latest enclosure management technologies. Highly integrated and space-optimized, it features an integrated internal oscillator, measures just 9 x 9 mm, and omits the usual components that drive backplane costs up - such as external crystal, flash memory, regulator, EEPROM, LED Driver, FRU and transceivers. This makes for simpler and cleaner designs, which in turn yields improved time to market (TTM).

The MG9085 manages LED patterns for up to six SAS/SATA drives, providing drive activity, fail/rebuild and locate signals. It supports SGPIO and SES-2 over SMBUS and can directly drive 2 LEDs for up to 6 slots, or 3 LEDs for up to 4 slots, by sensing the connections on the Mx-bus to determine the number of drives. A number of reference designs and development tools are available from AMI for the MG9085.

  • Low-cost, true single chip solution
  • SGPIO and SES-2 over SMBUS support
  • Manage 2 LEDs for up to 6 slots / 3 LEDs for 4 slots
  • Improve TTM with AMI's 996 development board
  • TQFP-48 package (9mm x 9mm)
  • Provides drive activity, fail/rebuild and locate signals

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