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Low Cost, Compact SoC for up to 8 Drives

The MegaRAC MG9081 EMC manages LED patterns for up to 8 SAS/SATA drives, providing drive activity, fail/rebuild and locate signals. A single controller supports SGPIO, SES2, and IPMI/IPMB without using any companion chip. It also does not require many typical components such as external crystal, flash memory, regulator, EEPROM, LED Driver, FRU, or transceivers - for reduced cost, simpler designs and improved time to market (TTM).

The MG9082 can be utilized in a multitude of designs, managing LEDs for systems that feature anywhere from 6 to 32 drives. A wide variety of reference designs are already available from AMI for simple integration into existing and future projects.

  • Low-cost, single chip solution
  • 2 SGPIO / 1 SES-2 channel(s), for up to 8 drives
  • IPMI Support
  • USB/IPMI Firmware Upgrade
  • TQFP-48 (9mm x 9mm)
  • Cascade Support - up to 32 drives

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