AMI Composer

AMI® Composer Hyperscale Management Ecosystem

AMI的AMI Composer是一款POD管理软件,完全符合英特尔®Rack Scale Design和DMTF Redfish™标准,使用者能通过其Web用户界面查看机架,机箱和系统的物理资源。然后,管理员可以组织和分配这些物理资源来创建逻辑节点,这体现了根据需求动态分配资源的优势,大大提高了数据中心的资源利用率。

AMI Composer也能通过模板来分配物理资源,模板可以保存并重复使用,大大节省了时间。此外,使用者通过AMI Composer能对已有的节点开机,强迫关机和正常关机。

The Four Manageability Extensions of AMI Composer:

AMI Composer System Manager: This extension works with any device that has AMI Remote BIOS and does not require an onboard Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

AMI Composer Server Manager: This extension brings Redfish® based server management to any Redfish® compliant BMC, and adds BIOS and BMC configuration and update support not native to Redfish®

AMI Composer POD Manager: This extension adds Intel® RSD-based POD management for composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) system management

AMI Composer Telco Cloud Manager: Arriving in late 2019, this extension delivers MANO-based telco cloud management, enabling service providers to provision Open Source MANO (OSM), provision and deploy network services and more

  • 符合Rack Scale Design和Redfish标准
  • 支持分层视图的Web用户界面
  • 支持通过模板创建逻辑节点
  • 支持通过PXE服务器配置逻辑节点
  • 逻辑节点的汇总表
  • 机箱资源汇总表
  • 物理资源分配