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Please follow the steps below carefully for AMIBIOS support. Use the AMIBIOS Checkpoint and beep Codes to aid in problems that occur during the pre-boot process. Use the AMIBIOS Flash Utility to flash your AMI BIOS. Use this version of the AMIBIOS Flash Utility if you are flashing an AMIBIOS that is using core 6.31 or earlier.

  1. Identify your motherboard.
  2. Go to your motherboard manufacturer for support.
  3. Select your AMI motherboard from the following list.

1. Identify your motherboard

To identify your motherboard, you may either run the AMI Motherboard Identification Utility or you may view the BIOS string on bootup.

  1. Turn the system power off.

  2. Unplug your keyboard or hold down one of the keys on the keyboard

  3. Power-on the system (you should get a keyboard error)

  4. Notice the long string of numbers in the lower left hand corner of your screen. This is your BIOS identification string. It will look like one of these:

       BIOS Screenshot

BIOS from 1991 - Present


This indicates a motherboard with BIOS from 1991 to the present.

If the next to the last set of BOLD letters is:

  • AMI - it is a TRUE AMI motherboard - the numbers that follow are the motherboard series number - i.e. S875 is a Series 875 motherboard

NOTE: All TRUE AMI motherboards will have the American Megatrends logo printed in white on the motherboard.

BIOS from 1986 - 1990

DINT- 1123-04990-K8

This indicates a motherboard with BIOS from 1986 - 1990.The BIOS identification number for this BIOS identification string, which is in BOLD and is in the first set of numbers, would be 1123.

If the first BOLD number of the first set of numbers in BIOS from 1986 - 1990 is:

  • 1, 2, 8, or a letter - it is a NON-AMI Taiwanese manufactured motherboard
  • 3, 4, or 5 - it is a TRUE AMI motherboard
  • 50 or 6 - it is a NON-AMI US made motherboard
  • 9 - it is an evaluation BIOS for a Taiwanese manufacturer

NOTE: If you have a identification number that corresponds to a NON-AMI motherboard you will need to contact the company or person who sold you the product.

If you determine you have a non-AMI motherboard, go to step number two.

If you determine you have an AMI motherboard, go to step number three.

2. Go to your motherboard manufacturer for support.

We do not have your BIOS upgrade. Only your motherboard manufacturer can give you this upgrade. Most manufacturers have BIOS upgrades available on their website. If you can't determine your motherboard manufacturer, contact the company or person who sold you the product.

3. Select your AMI motherboard from the following list.

We fully support all AMI motherboards with AMIBIOS. Select your motherboard from the list. Find your Series Number.

Select your Motherboard:

AFUDOS v4.xx

AFUDOS is a BIOS update utility, also referred to as a "BIOS flash utility", with a command line interface for MS-DOS.

  • The target board MUST use AMIBIOS Core 7.xx or AMIBIOS8
  • Older AMIBIOS systems support the AMIFLASH.COM program.

This utility offers the following features:

  • Small executable file size
  • Quickly update
  • Clear updating information and status
  • Fully compatible with previous version (See Appendix B AFUDOS v3.xx Commands)

Supported Operating System

  • DOS environment (MS-DOS, FreeDOS, ...)

Getting Started:

Copy the AFUDOS.EXE executable file to any storage location accessible by the host system and then run AFUDOS in command prompt.

Basic Usage:


  • Program main BIOS image, reset CMOS to defaults


  • Program main BIOS image & bootblock image
  • Reset CMOS and NVRAM to defaults

AFUWIN v4.xx

AFUWIN is an updating system BIOS utility with command line and GUI interface.

  • It has same command line parameters and behavior as AFUDOS plus a simple graphical interface
  • The target board MUST use AMIBIOS Core 7.xx or AMIBIOS8
  • Older AMIBIOS systems support the AMIFLASH.COM program, which works in MS-DOS.

AFUWIN Utility is supported in following operating systems:

  • Microsoft© Windows© 98
  • Microsoft© Windows© ME
  • Microsoft© Windows© 2000 (32bit & 64bit editions)
  • Microsoft© Windows© NT 4.0
  • Microsoft© Windows© XP/XP64
  • Microsoft© Windows© PE
  • Microsoft© Windows© Vista (32bit & 64bit editions)

Operating System Driver Requirements:

  • UCOREVXD.VXD Driver for Microsoft© Windows© 98/ME
  • UCORESYS.SYS Driver for Microsoft© Windows© NT/2000/XP/PE/Vista (32bit)
  • UCOREW64.SYS Driver for Microsoft© Windows© XP64 & Vista (64bit)

Getting Started:

Copy AFUWIN.EXE, UCOREVXD.VXD, UCORESYS.SYS and UCOREW64.SYS to any storage location accessible by the host system and then run AFUWIN in command prompt.

  • Remember that three files MUST be in same directory
  • For launching GUI mode, just double-click on AFUWIN.EXE
  • TO use in command line mode, run AFUWIN.EXE from a Microsoft© Windows© command prompt.

Note: many of the Usage & Example for the command line mode (AFUDOS & AFUWIN) are advanced and can harm your system if used incorrectly.

Answers to Common AMIBIOS and non-AMI product related Questions:

a.) What's a BIOS?

b.) The BIOS is yours. It says AMI everytime I boot up. Why can't you support it?

c.) Why can't I use a BIOS from a similar configured system?

d.) I understand AMI didn't originally port my BIOS and isn't the motherboard/computer manufacturer of my motherboard/computer. Since AMI is a BIOS company and should have the expertise, why can't AMI do a BIOS port and provide me with an update to my motherboard BIOS?

e.) I would pay money for a good BIOS update. Sounds like there is money to be made here. Why doesn't AMI simply keep a library of all possible hardware combinations and offer those as BIOS updates?

1.) Is there a backdoor password for the AMIBIOS CMOS Setup?

2.) Why does the AMI Logo show up all of a sudden? Is this some kind of Malware?

3.) Why is the BIOS Flash procedure different from my motherboard manual and your website?

4.) I need motherboard BIOS and device driver updates but don't know who made my motherboard. How can I determine the manufacturer of my motherboard?

5.) I have a computer (notebook, laptop and/or desktop) with your BIOS. It shows an error code. What does this error code mean?

6.) My motherboard has your BIOS, however my motherboard manufacturer is out-of-business. Can you supply me with a BIOS update?

7.) I want to customize my BIOS boot screen with name of my company. Can you provide me with utility that can do this?

8.) I have a MegaRAID (or HyperDisk) Controller. It has AMI printed on the board, but there is no information on your website. Where can I get support for it?

9.) Is there a way to remove American Megatrends software/AMIBIOS from my computer?

10.) I have a personal computer made by AMI. I need a system recovery disk. Can you sell me one?

11.) Why doesn't AMI build motherboards for the personal computer market?

12.) I understand that my motherboard isn't made by AMI. However, I have a question about one of the basic BIOS features on my motherboard. Why is this feature hidden in the BIOS on my motherboard and how do I enable it?

13.) I am attempting to update the BIOS for my computer so it functions better with Microsoft Windows 7. Do you have any BIOS updates for me?

14.) I have a Compaq Presario. It displays the AMI when it boots up. Now the sound is gone. Can you repair my motherboard?

15.) I have an ASUS motherboard that displays a FAN ERROR. I checked all the wires. They are hooked up properly and the fan is spinning at the proper RPM. How do I get rid of your message?

16.) Do you have an AMIBIOS Firmware Update program for Linux®?

17.) "Press F1 to continue," keeps displaying every time I turn on my computer. What gives?

18.) Your motherboard identification utility, AMIMBID, didn't work. Now what?

19.) Where can I find a list of all computer hardware manufacturers?

20.) There is a company that I found online that offers BIOS upgrades for ANY computer or motherboard. Is this for real?

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